Shockwiz Rentals

We are now renting this fantastic little gadget called a Shockwiz.

Check out the information on their website about it's full capabilities: Shockwiz Website

However, essentially you just connect it to your fork or shock, go for a ride and it will tell you how to adjust the following:

  • Baseline Air Pressure (Your main "air" adjustment)
  • Air Spring Ramp (adding tokens etc)
  • Rebound (Both High Speed and Low Speed)
  • Compression (Both High Speed and Low Speed)

You can also get a different set of outputs depending on your desired ride such as:

  • Efficient (for pedaling)
  • Balanced
  • Playful
  • Agressive

It's a wicked bit of kit and a good learning experience. 

You will probably need to go out for a few rides (especially if you have a full suspension bike) so that you can collect the data, make the adjustments and then re-confirm the new settings. 

We will also include a shock pump for the duration of the rental if you need one.

To book, send us a message below.

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